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Friday, November 30, 2012

so we were given a month to do this final project which contributes to our final exams. and there were three of us in a team. exam for 1 group which has only 2 persons but they were ok with that.
and the moment we got our groups formed, we started to discuss and decide on the theme. originally we were thinking of "Victorian Vintage" which was much based on laces, khaki coloured and vintage kind of stuff.

but then again the word "VINTAGE" and "LACE" is so common now. *eventho i love lace and vintage* 

so we brainstormed again. different ideas and themes came to mind like. "Peacock", "Manchester United", "Burlesque" and so on…
but being me, i wanted something different. something that stands out from the crowd and something that has not been done in Malaysia. so i thought of my first presentation and then said how about "Coca-Cola"?

well, things didn't went well. groupmate wanted her idea and much related to vintage and i wanted mine. group leader agreed with "Coke" so it was 2 against 1. but then i gave in and decided a "Winter Vintage Coca-Cola" theme. so there u have it..all in one!

u'd probably ask if it was too much to have 3 in a wedding theme. well, let me tell u that the main theme is still Coca-Cola and the additional touches are vintage and winter.

we were given about a month to do the whole table setting as well as design ideas such as invitation card, menu, program card, table place card and everything else. practically almost everything was DIY-ed by ME!

but it didn't really matter to me who did most of the work because it was a learning and improving process for me. plus it was really and i personally love creative artworks and DIYs.

well to be fair, groupmates did help here and there. and group leader's dad even helped us to fix the wooden box together for us. plus group leader went all the way into pantai malam and kota kemuning just to get the Thai glass bottled Coca-Cola and glass bottled Cokes!

the whole idea did not come to me at one go but i already had something in mind. so when i started off drawing the logo onto the wooden box. and then went all around town from 1utama to midvalley and all the way to central market to get the materials that i'll need for the final outcome.

of course all these were not done in a day. the whole process took me a couple of weeks. from material sourcing to DIY works until font searching and design works. all these DIY works took me quite some time, and whenever i had ideas, i just did them without thinking. from searching for twigs and branches to sewing of napkin and making of "coca-cola flowers".

the alphabets "K & Y" came pretty last minute when i found them in penang. and i used photo frames that i have from home which i dont really use. so why not add them in for the final touches. as for the metal bucket, i removed it in the end coz all these items are for the school coz we were given a certain claimable budget.


and the final outcome :
inspiration board (black standee)
mood board (cork board)
coca-cola flowers
vintage wooden box
coca-cola glass bottles
japan edition coca-cola cans
2 photo frame sizes
3D coca-cola signature board standee
white snow tree centerpiece
coca-cola fork and spoons
alphabets : "K&Y"
red and white check ribbons and table cloth

design works : 
invitation card
menu program
card table number
place card
invitation card

for more pictures for to my Facebook Page
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