a girly affair x hello kitty galaxy y phone

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

those who know me or have followed me on my blog and page long enough would probably already know who my bestie is. well having her around is probably one of the best things that could ever happen in my life coz she probably only fail me a couple of times but after getting mad at her for a few minutes, i'd get over it.

we both share the same passion. started of being friends getting to know each other at a freelance event interview. and then we started chatting on msn…getting to know each other.

well, we both share a whole lot of same likings as well. most of the time it's something she bought and then i fell in love then bought one myself. we have the same watch, wedges, dresses. and we would coincidently were the same colour coordinate without knowing it.

we used to see each other a whole lot when we were both freelancing. and then we both got our fulltime jobs and then did not have so much girly time together. but our friendship would always be there. we'd still whatsapp and call each other when in need for advice.

of course i'd really have a super girly affair with her again at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty launch but she'll be at Hong Kong. so i'll be bringing another girly friend who love Hello Kitty as much as i do along to have our girly fun time there.

and all u Hello Kitty fans out there, i know u wanna attend this party so dont miss out on your chance to win exclusive invites to the launch event. click on this link for more information!!~
Hello Kitty is Love

the phone is so cute, i'd wish i have one for myself too! it's all white with pink lining.
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