[x top model 2012] finale

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i've been so busy that i've not had time to blog about classes and events that i've been attending. or even things that i've been doing. so sorry to my dear readers.

so now that i have a lil time to spare. here's a backdated blog post.

as u all know i've been attending a couple of x top events over the past month and finally it was the finale. and again i had to tag along in cikgu's car so i'm super early and hanging out with the rest of the crew and photographers while waiting for the crowd to come.

there were many familiar faces and also not so familiar faces. our super gt girls were here. julie. charissa. mico and leely. and if u're wondering, the theme of the night was stylishly classic/vintage. therefore the colours and florals u see on us.

oh and also darling valerie from http://www.princessmiharu.net/ was here too!~ she's our super gt queen semi finalist. also babe patricia and rebecca.

and then i went around saying my hellos to friends and photographers while catching up with the rest and getting to know more nice people.

and then we proceed to the finale hall. the stage was simple. most catwalk stages are simple in malaysia so no complains. and i was moved to the vip section upon going upstairs. so i got to sit nearer.

the show was a lil draggy between intervals which made it a lil boring. the catwalk show was great specially when u see them strutting the walk with full confidence. and the ones that i admire did win some titles through the night. congratulations tuti for being the winner of x top 2012. angelica for being the unofficial 1st runner up. and the others, u all did great too!

so after the show, we all hang around outside looking through the pictures of the girls during thematic shoot hung outside. really impressive. i personally like the picture by angelica during the narcissist beast shoot.

and then the usual camwhoring and jokes. i had so much fun with all these people around. all the dumb jokes and fun.

what i wore for stylishly classic/vintage.

floral bustier : foruchizu
khaki shorts : boutique @ kuchai
belt : sg wang
tan bag : sometime boutique
khaki ankle boots : vincci

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