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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

there are some things in life that we as humans should remember. and there are some things in life that we choose to forget and delete from our lives.
  1. u're only young once. if u've got the chance, try everything u want and can. 
  2. the past will always be part of u. there is no point trying to hide of delete them because people will still be able to find out. 
  3. live ur life to the fullest. be urself.

someone said this to me the other day. "wow i was ur latest photo shoot pictures, very sexy huh? in bikini. aren't u afraid that one day when u're a wedding planner, ur future client wont like it?"

my answer to u is very simple.

well, i've been in the freelance industry for the past 6 years or so. i've been doing so many events, car shows, competing in pageants or singing competitions and photo shoots in different outfits - may it be sexy or weird or casual. u can find my pictures everywhere on facebook or flickr or someone else's blog. all u have to do is just google my name. "Yumi Meiki" and wahlaaa…there u have it.

so what's the point of me trying to hide these pics away from my "future clients" when they can just find them online anytime? i believe it's better that i let them see on my page instead of trying to hide like i've done something wrong.

the past will always be part of me. i have done these events, car shows and even photo shooting. these are all my life experience. these are all part of me, no matter how i need to erase them from my life to be someone else.

so tell me, would u rather have a planner who hides her past from u? or a planner who is opened up and owns to what she has done as a young girl who wanted different experience in life?
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