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Monday, October 29, 2012

As most of u know that I'm currently studying again. This halloween. no clubs nor parties. Simply because I was way too busy planning birthday surprises as well as a halloween party at the school.

The whole event was organized and planned with the whole class. With conceptualizing theme a month back when most of us were pretty busy rushing our projects. Hence most of the event planning were delayed.

Leading the decorative department but I also designed the invitation card design, mood board and colour chart to synchronise the theme.

Due to limited budget, we were unable cover up the whole room in black and purple. The set up took us a couple of hours. including the backdrop, photo booth, f&b table and centrepiece.

yuna was my best helper throughout the whole process. from accompanying me to get the supplies to the process of making the whole masquerade standee until the final set up.

and also due to budget reasoning, we used whatever we had at home and had from the school props to add on final details to the whole artwork.

the party kinda delayed for awhile but it still ended on time which i am quite happy with. and i was the random last minute emcee because beverly had to miss this to attend a funeral.

i will not say more and let the pictures do the talking for me.

what i wore to the party:

purple dress : topshop
belt : sg wang
accessories : assorted
lace mask : selfmade
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