[day one] mean machines penang 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

i left for juru at 4.30am with stephanie who tagged along with boyfie and i. due to some unforeseen circumstances, all the five girls from kl had to arrange our own transportation up. so boyfie drove me all the way up to penang.

he had lil sleep and i didn't sleep that night. but i was pretty much awake looking out for the aes systems on the highway. i still hope we didn't get any of those. but after taiping, my eyes were really really heavy i had to take some short naps in between but still had to keep boyfie company incase he got sleepy too. can't afford to have anything go wrong coz we had another passenger sitting behind.

so we arrived after our 4 hours plus journey and checked-in the hotel. they told us it was full but after checking they actually had rooms. ><" which i guess they didn't want to let go early because we were really early at 9am.

finally got our rooms and it was nap time for an hour before taking a shower and getting ready to gather for hair and make up. well most of the girls were already there but some of us were granted permission to arrive an hour late as we came all the way from kl in the morning.

got our hair and makeup done at harley davidson showroom. hair was sponsored by maxstyle and makeup by apt. and after getting all done and ready, we got to go have lunch before gathering backstage for our first introduction to the crowd and photographers.

bumped into a couple of photographers that i met before and said my hellos. then i went backstage to have a rest. lil did anyone know i randomly came up with an "oppa yumi style" introduction which i will not share the video with u because it's too funny looking back at it. LOL!

and then the group had to go to our main sponsors booth for group pictures as well as the other booths to say hi and drop by for a couple of pictures too. and due to the rain, we didn't manage to finish up all the booths and we had to rush to touch up our hair and make up for the night. so to the backstage was where we headed again. and i didn't have much appetite for dinner so i skipped it for supper.

and during the night session, it was also our subtitle give away night for the main sponsors and also miss popularity. congrats to all the darlings who got their titles. and once everything was over, the first thing i did was head back to the hotel, remove my make up, wash my hair, got changed and went out for SUPPER!!!

boyfie and i went to the island to search for food but it was already 11pm and most of the stalls were closing. lucky us we still got to eat fried "kueh kak" (carrot cake), popiah, lala and also drink my fave lin chee kang!~

that's the end of day one coz day two was way more exhausting.
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