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Monday, September 24, 2012

so when my girl friends or friends texts me and when they asks me where i am, it's really often that i'd answer them i'm at the cyber cafe with my boyfie. their reply? how can u even understand them playing games for hours sitting next to them? what do even do when he's playing?

so let me explain to you my side of the story.

i can understand the meaning behind my other half gaming because i grew up with an older brother and no other siblings. i grew up with barbie dolls and also games like diablo, red alert and warcraft. i was taught by my elder brother on how to play and strategize in the games. and i would play those games for hours as well. only thing was, it didnt strike me to be a gamer back then. i just played for the sake of fun.

so everytime when both boyfie and i run out of ideas on what to do, i'd look and him and say.. da gei? (which is gaming in cantonese) and he would smile at me very happily.

often, i see a quotation on the internet which says "dear girls, if a guy pauses his game to text you back, marry him." it really is true because one does not simply pause a game to text a girl back. and u have no idea how it feels like to pause at that very moment when he's trying to kill diablo.

so what do i usually do when he plays for hours? well, i usually watch him play or play my own games or even watch a movie or drama online. and well, he usually play up to 2 hours or so. and sometimes, even he has to wait for me to finish up my game before we leave.

but seriously, there's nothing wrong with online gaming for hours. unless he keeps doing that and not go to work. plus gaming is pretty cheap and u don't spend alot like going to the movies to watch something u get bored of.

look at the really cool summerash who's been playing video games. she's pretty and she plays them for hours and even earns from playing video games.

plus these games are usually strategy games eventho most girls see them as killing games. it is how u strategize to kill the opponent darling.

really, there is nothing wrong with playing video games. unless he does it 24/7 a week 365-366 days a year and not get his ass out to work.
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