good guys? what are the qualities?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

when a group a females/girls/women gather, we tend to gossip. we ask about the latest happening and talk about other girl's boyfriends. we share our stories and experiences.

so what are the qualities a man should have to be considered a good man?

takeshi kaneshiro? lee hom wang? brat pitt? no doubt they are the hot and talented. but do they have the qualities that men should have that u're looking for? coffee, tea or me?

well, lets see what i find in a man to be considered good quality.

i find a man who takes care of his parents and family very very good looking. not from the outlook but of course his inner self. of course i am not talking about a mama's boy but a man. a man who loves his family, will work hard even if he is not capable of taking up the burden of supporting them financially, mentally and physically. he'd go all odds to protect the ones he love. and this man would not betray you.

a man who enjoys sports is also a man that i look up to as well. not sportsmen but at least enjoying playing sports. especially when he has a weekly routine and u know that he's healthy even if he doesn't have the muscles like an Olympian.

a man who is well mannered will know how to carry himself in front of your parents and family. he'd say thank you even to the mamak who serves you teh ais or after paying the toll girl.

so i wouldn't say that a guy with inner qualities would overshadow his outlooks. of course a man who grooms himself is very important as well.

NO. he do not have to be dressed up all in armani exchange or hugo boss. but rather grooming himself as in cutting his nails, cutting his hair when its too long and not having nose hair sticking out.

so what say you? are these what u're looking for in a man? and do you agree with her? 
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