[part two] another year older

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

and then on the 17th of august. my bestie together with boyfie gave me a surprise gathering dinner at plan b bangsar village.

boyfie aaked if i'd like to join his colleagues for dinner or not. i said yes but after work at 9pm. he said that he would wait for me for dinner. and for the first time i wasn't suspicious at all even tho i asked why they chose bangsar village over paradigm mall which was nearer to his office. he said he dont know and i just went along..

as we arrive, i said why don't we just go outside since ur colleagues would sit outside. he said lets just take a round. and then he suddenly said…hey, aren't those ur friends? when i only realized that it was my birthday dinner with bestie and close friends.

it was a simple dinner and catch up session with everyone. not many. just sixteen of us. but it was good enough as long as the important ones are here and those who care, came. :)

thanks for the cake and dinner. it was really warm.
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