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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

i love my ombre hair by deji san of number 76 which i did back in early june. but the bleached part got really really dry because i swim a lot and the chlorine made it worse. so i decided to chomp my hair a lil shorter and dye it dark again.

i called up to make an appointment with deji san but was informed that he's back in japan for the week. so i opted to hikky san who was transferred over from midvalley branch.

i got there a lil earlier than appointment time so i waited for a lil while and was served a nice cup of coffee. :)

then hikky san came over and asked me how short i wanted it to be and what colour. after discussion, i decided to go for lavender ash. and she said that she'll dye the bottom part darker as it will fade really fast.

so the dye-ing process started. and then i got to flip magazines while waiting. after that was hair wash.

since it's my birthday month, i get to do a free hair treatment. and they gave me the best treatment ever! the ultrasonic iron treatment. it was done with a straightener-look-alike thing which has red and blue lights. it's red when its on and when it clips my hair, the light turns blue.

and when it was all done, wash and finally blow dry. the bottom part of my hair is still very dry huh. but then it was time to chomp it off. and i didn't even have to tell hikky san how i wanted it to be cut but it seemed like she could read my mind and cut exactly what i wanted! *thumbs up*

and when it was all done, she even spend a lil time to curl the bottom for me for a lil wave.

so this is the final outcome from ombre to dark lavender ash. love it loads. and every single cent is worth at number76.
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  1. Hello! is it the Ultrasonic Hair Treatment FREE for the entire birthday month? Is it still available now in number76 saloon? ;D

    1. Oh my, i just noticed your comment. ><"

      76 gives 1 (ONE) free treatment (up to them to decide i think) to all their members on the birthday month.


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