[update sixteen] Super GT Queen 2012 - SugarDaddy x LengYein x Lollipop Mist

Sunday, July 1, 2012

and after all the hectic schedule when everything is back to normal, we got a text from our organizer inviting us to attend SugarDaddy x Leng Yein party @ Lollipop Mist.

since i was pretty free after work so why not get dressed in the uniform again and party. so i got home after work, showered, had my dinner, make up and then off to Mist Club. and then again i am early as usual. lol. waited for some time and then joined KC, Julie and Charissa before heading in.

we chilled for awhile outside. catch up. say hi. say long time no see. actually just 1 week no see lah. :P took some group pictures while waiting for the pretty hot cars to come.

and then the hot cars came for our time. with loads of photographers and videographers around, our job was to pose pose and pose.

headed inside and chilled while snapping crazy pictures. catch up with each other and other friends.

then we had to perform 2 songs - Love You Like A Love Song & Girlfriend. was pretty awkward coz there was some prob with some mics but we still finished it.

we pre-celebrated Cookies & Roselyn's birthday as it was just around the corner. and then it was party time for everyone while Leng Yein x SugarDaddy performed.

and so far thats all for super gt queen but we have a movie session coming up soon~~~
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