[Part Two] Perception of the Freelance Industry

Monday, July 23, 2012
Looking forward to part two of the philosophy? Yes? No? 

i'll say its all UP TO U if u wanna read or not lah.

3. Girls-Photographers-Money

new girls these days asks for paid shoot but they’re inexperienced. who would want to pay some one who is new and don’t know how to pose for the camera? who would want to waste such money.

when u’re new in the industry, not everything is about money. not everything is about getting paid. sometimes the learning experience and getting to know more people matters more. i personally started off in my first year doing shoots and not getting paid. fair enough for the photographers who were willing to take my pictures which probably didn’t turn out too good because of my lousy posing and awkward face. yet i thank them for giving me that chance to learn and experiment with them.

my very first photoshoot with ahleong in 2006

until today, i'm still doing free shoots once in a while if ithink it is worth doing and it is someone i can trust to work with.

so, if u’re gonna ask someone to do a shoot for u, don’t ever think of getting paid. if they asks u for a shoot and u’re experienced enough, then please proceed with charging and not spoil the market rate.

we all learn as we grow and we’re still learning even tho we’re good at it. no one and nothing is perfect. its always a learning process inlife.

4. Girls-Photographers-Pictures

we girls are never satisfied with ourselves or our body figure or face. it’s a norm. but yet we shouldn’t blame the photographers for not being able to capture the best angles every single time. unless it’s a “so-called-photographer – some random guy with a DSLR who doesn’t know how to shoot”

then again, today i saw a friend asking on his facebook status.

 "Whose fault is it your photo has panda eyes?..photographer for not PPing? or because you didn't sleep enough last night??"

my comments? hell long tho~

actually models shouldn't blame the photographers for not PPing their eye bags or panda eyesaway. it's mostly their fault for not taking care of themselves. plus, what happened to the natural side? and a photo tells a thousand words, PPed photos tells a thousand lies. :) PP urself if u're not satisfied! don't blame the photogs coz they can't be PPing all ur pictures with panda eyes or eye bags! it's not u anymore with those extreme PP works done. :) be fair to photogs as well. learn to accept who u are and how u look like.

just to be fair. to me, if I'm not happy with my pic, why blame the photog if he can't get my angle. not everyone knows my angle. just choose the best pictures to share. if u like the pic n u think u're fat or anything else, then edit it urself. :)

but actually this thinking is learn from Kenji. Kenji always says "pretty or not is not up to u to decide. It's others who tell u if u're beautiful or not. if u're a model / shoot subject, u have to accept what the art director or photographer think is beautiful of u." 

u're not beautiful if u think u're not. and u are if u really are. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. it's the inner that counts most. even if u have a pretty face, people will know ur ugly side some day.

having too much photoshop done on your picture will only portray u as a different person. it is a lie and not u anymore.

i've learnt the art of loving myself throughout the journey of super gt queen. having to know a great mentor, Kenji Chan. a person who had taught me a lot of life learning philosophies. learning to accept myself for who i am and embrace my weaknesses and make them into strengths.

flaunt ur strengths, embrace ur weaknesses. be urself. improve who u are. stop complaining and comparing and work on what u think u’re lacking. but do not be arrogant when u get there.

during super gt queen, my waistline was 26 inches and i had a super straight waist I couldn’t even see my own waistline. that was how much weight I gained while having to be seated in an office doing a full-time job. and that made me give myself a challenge to lose fats NOT weight. right now, within a month and a half, i lost 1.5 inches on my waist and it’s back at 24.5 inches. i've not lost any weight as they’ve all turned into muscles. i still weight at 45kgs. and i've yet to achieve my target of 23.5/24 inch waistline.

i've got a big butt, some people envy me but i used to hate it. now i've learnt to love it and flaunt it.

i've got tiny teeth and a gummy smile. which i used to hate. but now i love to smile with my gummy teeth. :)

no one is perfect. it is how u see yourselves. just be u. and stop trying to be anyone else.

thank those who had brought u to be today. don’t forget them because who u are today is because they have appeared in ur lives. i have too many to mention but u all know who u are and i thank u. :)

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  1. Stay strong and continue your own journey~~

    A guy who has many positions =)

  2. hey, thanks. :) will try my best.

  3. Many would find it hard to even take this with a pinch of salt. Where we come from, this is the reality. Very well said!

  4. yuppp. i agree that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! ;)

  5. Nice to know at least one girl got common sense! :)

  6. Kenny, support your comment....

    Nice one Yumi!!


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