[part two] evolution of yumi meiki as a girl to whom she is today.

Friday, July 27, 2012
so i hope i dint scare u off in part one of my evolution and growing up pictures. this is part two where i'll post pictures from 2010 until 2012.

2010 is when i'm at the stage in between 21 and 22. when i was trying to grow up and learn to find myself instead of being someone else. u'll see changes more on dressing and hair styles. from long to short. trying to know whats best for me...

so i started off 2010 with a photoshoot with Hibiki. at that point of time, my face was pretty rounded again for i dont know what reason.

March 2010 // Winter Theme with Hibiki

October 2010 // Hypertune Magazine Shoot

then i took quite a long break coz i was too busy with my final year assignments, taiwan trip, work and all then i came back to photo shooting in November.

November 2010 // Casual shoot with Chan Hin

November 2010 // A Walk in the Garden Group Photography with Tania

December 2010 // My first bridal shoot with Dior Pink Bridal Gallery

December 2010 // Christmas Santarina shoot with Khai, Anthony and group

and then it was a brand new year of 2011... new look new pictures. i started off with graduation. got a close friend to help me shoot while i rented a studio. at this point of time, it is time to become a lady instead of a girl. i could no longer depend on my family as much as before. everything had to be on my own. it was independence yet it wasn't exactly freedom.

March 2011 // Graduation Shoot & Studio fun with Freedom Kit

August 2011 // A day before i turned 23, i tried something different with CM

and finally 2012. a whole new concept of photo shooting. this year itself, my looks changed a whole lot. trying to dress inappropriately as i am already working full-time. it is hard to bid good-bye to the cute looks as i still have my baby face.

but this is the year, the time when i learn to accept myself for who i am. to love the beauty in me and had less make up on my skin. and to understand that beauty is not just about outer beauty.

February 2012 // A Vintage Touch with William & Cikgu

April 2012 // Street Fashion group photography

April 2012 // Another Side of Me with CCL

May 2012 // Super GT Queen Profile Shoot

u know....i'm actually pretty surprised in my physical changes. from face to make up to body figure to dressings.

guess its all about growing up. and being who u want to be.

looking at the collection...the changes were...

• my eyes got bigger
• my nose is smaller
• face bloated n slimmed down then bloated n slim down again
• a dimple popped out one side
• 50kgs - 39kgs - 42kgs - 45kgs
• lost weight gained weight but now maintaining my figure and building muscles
• make up style changed over the years
• so did hair style changed
• tried to look matured when i was 17/18. acted cute when i was 20/21 but didn't seem to work.
• tried sexy shots finally
• i had pretty flat boobs back then. lol!

many who had seen my pictures asked if i did any plastic surgery before. some asked what did i do to be me today. no, i did not do any plastic surgery but i do take collagen drinks. :)

next up~ part three..final compilation of all the pictures.
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