[part three] evolution of yumi meiki as a girl to whom she is today.

Sunday, July 29, 2012
oh gawd...where did i even get the courage to share all these with u guys. a final compilation from 2007 - 2012. oh dear oh dear~~~ wait till u even get the chance to see my ic/passport photos. u'd probably choke on that.

so this was 2007 - 2008 when i had long curly hair early 2007 and then chomped them all off. by early 2008  i slimmed down about 8kgs and had really sharp face and slim legs.

i gained some weight towards early 2009 coz everyone said i looked really unhealthy.

then as my hair grew, i decided to turn it into goldie. yeah..super lala-days i'd say but i kinda loved the top right hairstyle i had. then i had to chomp my fringe coz the bleached part was super dry. 

in the end i shot for ifeel magazine and they chomped it short again and dyed it black for me. looked healthier  but it was pretty hard to get freelance jobs too.

so i got myself some hair extension towards the end of 2008 in early 2009. and did some crazy photo shoots. lumix star search was the last competition i participated in and then i had a long hiatus in competing coz i got bored.

and then by 2010 i had a rounded face. put on too much weight i think..

decided to go back to long extension hair and then later on stop having extensions coz i liked my medium length hair. 

then my friend decided to give me a justin bieber hair cut in october. i liked my short hair coz it made me look so young. but it was hard to style tho...

so i decided i had to use extensions again for the bridal shoot towards the end of 2010. and by mid 2011, my hair was around shoulder length. this is when i lost some weight again. and then gained more weight towards 2012.

finally 2012. i maintained my shoulder length hair coz it suits me best. the only thing i changed was colour and then bleaching. i now have ombre colour hair. i weight at 45kgs now and i gained and lost fats within the first half of the year. from 25 waistline to 26 and now 24.5. 

and again if u'd like to ask me how i changed so much and how i lost weight, feel free to do so. but one thing i promise is i'd never gone through any surgery. 

even if i'd consider doing it before. and i even considered having fillers to have a higher nose.

i have no idea how my nose lost fats and become so small now. but i know the reason to having a dimple and bigger eyes. it's not about make up tho.

that's all for my compilation. feel free to comment or criticize. :)
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