[Part One] Perception of the Freelance Industry

Monday, July 23, 2012
This is supposed to be a super looooooooooooooooooooooooooong post but i'm gonna split it into two parts so that i can get more views. *Kiasu can ah?*

these days in the freelance industry, there are just too many weird perceptions.

people as human nature tend to perceive without much thinking. they tend to assume and not consider the other option.

1. Getting a Freelance Job.

these are mostly new freelance girls’ thinking.

girls these days perceive that the less cloth / the deeper the cleavage shown in their portfolio / profile photos means the higher chances of getting a freelance job or getting paid photo shoots.

i do hire girls at times and have received numerous profiles. but it really amuses me sometimes when I scroll to the pictures. its not about them being not pretty or not being able to carry themselves but these new girls profiles have the sexier pictures and most of it.

sigh…what naive thinking. u're just making urself look cheap but NOT sexy or hot. it'll probably only attract the colour wolfs or hamsap lou. u'll probably get the job if it’s a guy hiring and not me.:)

not everything is about less cloth.unless those shoots are meaningful and artistic.

don't compare what u have done inphoto shoots wearing lingerie with dressing in a car show uniform for carshows. it's a different thing all-together. a different concept. but car show girls can be elegant too depending on the brand that u’re representing. u don’texpect to be dressed skimpily to represent brands like Lexus / Brabus / Volkswagen do u?

2. People towards Freelance Girls.

u know, people tend to perceive freelance girls as money-minded cheap uneducated girls.yet they do not know that most of us are either university / college students and graduates.

they don ot know the reason to us working as a freelance girl.

to themit is easy money standing there as a flower pot being pretty without any hard work and we get paid a lot of money. yet they do not know the hard work behind whereby we stand and pose for hours in killer heels trying to smile and be pretty all day while having super thick make up on.

they do not understand that we go through interviews and that we do learn the products as well. HEY, if u are to ask me about the brands i've worked for, i'm pretty sure i can answer u most of it even if not all.

they do not know that we have to spend on skin care and taking care of ourselves evenif we work day and night for that hard earned money. they do not know the reason we’re doing these jobs. (some girls take it as a hobby, some are here to learn and some are earning their school fees / allowance)

but then again these people who see freelance girls that way are not wrong either. because there are girls who just work without the hard work by just being effortlessly pretty. and there are girl who just show half their boobs halfway hanging in the air / cleavage so deep so that people can come stare at them and take their pictures then tag them.

these are the girls who spoilt our images but we cant blame them. its their choice of life and they enjoy these kind of attention.

whoever u think it is, its up to u. this is just my side of the philosophy. there is a malay proverb which says “siapa yang termakan cili, dia and terasa pedasnya.”

This literally means if u’re the one eating the chili, u will feel the spice.

so no names are to be mentioned by me. even if u're gonna ask.

Part Two coming up soon~~~
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