[part one] evolution of yumi meiki as a girl to whom she is today.

Thursday, July 26, 2012
for those who had seen me grow up over the years, this post would probably bring us memories and laughter. with all the awkward faces that i had back then. the weird hairstyles and ideas.

to those who are new to knowing yumi meiki, here u will see how much i've changed and grown. physically and mentally.

but all these that u're about to see, they were all me. that was how i used to look like or dress in.
this posting is more physical as i'm going to share the collections of photo shoots since my early freelance days in 2006/2007 until 2009.

i'll have to split this post into two coz its gonna be really super looooooooooooooooooooooooong with really funny pictures of me. sorry if they look disturbing, u can choose not to look at them. lol~


May 2007 // My very first photo shoot with Ah Leong

June 2007 // Some random shoot

October 2007 // After Nikon show by Spiel Chow


November 2007 // Emo theme with Kensim & Bbtat (Kevin Loh)

November 2007 // Casual photo shoot with Lewis Jay when we were both new at this

December 2007 // Christmas theme at One Utama with Terry

January 2008 // Studio shoot

had a break between 2008 and didn't shoot much as i was pretty busy with freelance event jobs and assignments at uni.


January 2009 // Chinese New Years theme with Now Modeling group shoot

February 2009 // And then i did a studio profile shoot with Sebastian

March 2009 // Did a casual shoot at TTDI park with Aaron, Hanhan & BC Teh


March 2009 // Then my first magazine photo shoot with iFeel with Summer Bikini theme

May 2009 // Couple Hair Makeover shoot for iFeel magazine

May 2009 // Then another updated profile shoot at Sebastian's studio. One with a long wig.

July 2009 // Got myself some hair extensions and shot with Vincy by Benjamin Teh

August 2009 // Modeled for TARC Prospectus Magazine


August 2009 // Was there with my DSLR shooting Celest and then became model as well. with Anthony, Khai, AC Lau & KK Chan

September 2009 // Went for casting where the make up was simple and light

September 2009 // On the same day as casting, did a quick shoot with Taffy & Justin due to the rain

September 2009 // Lumix Star Search Profile Shoot *Yes i know i look really awkward and old here*

October 2009 // Gothic shoot at an abandon house with Jia Nian (Miria)

i have no freaking idea what made me do this to show u all my freaky faces but....
that is from 2007 until 2009. see the changes over the months and years? 

yeah i had really weird hair styles and hair-dos and also really awkward faces, make up and poses.
but it was all a learning process for me. :)

u'll see more in post two coming up next...

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