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Friday, July 20, 2012

Was super inspired after browsing QiuQiu's Instagram today whereby she posted really really old pictures of her during the younger days. We were once very auntie looking or lala ah lian or every really weird make ups or dressings.

Oh trust me...

I used to enjoy joining really alot of competitions. mostly were held at sg wang plaza. and this version of the blog is about the competitions which i took part from 2005 until 2008/2009.

When I was only 17 back in 2005, I took part in the Spotlite Mr & Ms Campus but had to pull out from Semifinals due to personal reasons. So, I decided to give it another go in 2006 and then 2008.

In 2007, I participated in the Miss Sunway Princess. Oh my, what was I thinking back then? Did I really thought that I looked like a princess. HAHAHA! How vain could I be? Looking back at the pictures really made me laugh at myself. But hey, it certainly was a beautiful experience.

I love singing and had participated in numerous singing and dancing competitions too. From Jolin Tsai to Angela Zhang imitation/look/sing-alike or even random singing competitions. I don't usually win in any of these but at least I tried. I do remember getting consolation prizes for Angela Zhang, Jolin Tsai, Tank and Kym's look-a-like / dance competitions.

Feel free to laugh at all my funny faces. At how I evolved through the years. I'd say I lost pretty much weight on my face but gain a lot at the tights.
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