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Friday, July 13, 2012
now that it's been official for quite some time and i am about to leave. yes i will be leaving my current company really soon and get myself back into school to go after my ultimate dream.

it wasn't easy deciding as i already had a steady income for a year now and going back to studying means i will not have allowance and i still have to bear with my usual expenses like petrol, food, gym and shopping!!! that means less shopping!!!

okayh la i know i'm being dramatic lah..i dont have to pay much for food because classes are between 1-5pm which means i can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. which i will save alot of money. :P but i still have to drive to class and pay for gym.

going back to school means i dont have to wake up so early and i get all the freedom i want again. and i have to go back into freelancing for pocket money. which might be tiring as well.

but then again, life wont be as hectic as how it is currently. having to wake up early mornings or staying up late or going to work on weekends. at least not for the next few months of studying. and mummy and daddy dont have to stay up late to wait for me to come home coz its late night and it's dangerous for me to drive alone.

and now i'm getting active again in blogging and attending events during free time. which is part of publicity i guess.

i know it's a risk quitting my work to go back to study something for a dream but i guess sometimes we just have to try and dont give up. i believe i will succeed in whatever i'm going to do. :) as long as i put my efforts in.

guess it's how determined i am. just like how i lost my fats in just 2 weeks. :) still working on my diet to get my perfect body figure back again. :) cheers because i am yumimeiki.
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