[events] Miss World Malaysia 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012
and last sunday i came back to work. it's the very first pageant for me running behind the scenes instead of seeing me on stage. i'm too short to participate anyway. as per title it was the Miss World Malaysia 2012.

so i bumped into a couple of friends during the event. and some even came up to me and ask if i was the Super GT Queen finalist. pretty much proud eh getting recognize that way. and even being on walkie, i got caught by a couple of photographers to stand at the photo-wall for a picture. lucky i did my hair and had nice make up on. :P

got caught in-action when i was busy making calls and running errands.

so the event was from 7pm until 11pm. but as we all know, malaysian timing always delays and there was strong wind with slight rain just before the event started.

i got to watch part of the competition as well and i'd say Lee Yvonne deserved the title. :) and my top 3 guess was pretty accurate having Vera Chang coming in 2nd place and Jocelyn Coco in 3rd placing. congratulations ladies.

of course it was an opportunity which i could not miss to have a picture with these beautiful tall ladies. look how tiny i am compared to them. they should bring miss petite back and i will join for sure!!! :P that is if i'm not too old for that by then.

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