Super GT Queen 2012 | Sabah Day One x Part One

Thursday, June 14, 2012
after two days of madness in Casabrina, we came back and then had some activities in kl. more of dance practice and then dinner at the yummy Yashiki Yakitori @ Viva Home with our sponsors.

and then we all packed and got ready to fly on friday!~ my very first trip to KK, Sabah!~ was pretty excited but i did my last minute packing so i dint have much sleep before boarding.

so we all gathered at McD at 630am, had our breakfast, checked in our luggages and the chit chat while waiting for our flight. boarding time was 830am. 

and we had to do our make up on board before landing. pretty fun experience actually with all the turbulence and shaking trying to put my eyeliner on.  :P by the time the plane was about to land…tadaaaa make up done!!!!~~

as soon as we touched down, we were briefed by the team from KK and then we saw 3 mitsubishi cars with our SUPER GT QUEEN logos on it!!!~ *feels like superstar in sabah* thats not all coz when we arrived in town, banners of our faces were everywhere!!!~ i mean EVERYWHERE! and it says…


then we had our yummy lunch at Wishbone (sabah's best chicken rice in town but still taste diff from ours) before heading to Volkswagen KK for a short photoshoot session with the sponsors and media.

and then it was Tanjung Aru Beach for some fun in the water.. i miss being at sabah!!~~

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