[update twelve] Super GT Queen 2012 - Activities [Honda Show @ Neverland KL]

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
with our Super GT finals around the corner, we still had to attend a couple of shows and events. Honda had us invited to their Preview Party.

the beautiful Hannah Tan was the emcee for the night featuring the Super GT Queen 2011 Malaysia - Lu Shan & Super GT Queen Japan - Toshimi. they did a really great singing and dancing performance to the song Sugoi.

we were supposed to perform at first but something occurred and the performance was canceled so we only came out for a freestyle catwalk show.

then we went up for catwalk and then chill around for photo op and then head home.

trust me backstage was a mess with so many girls in there and everyone was talking and eating and taking pictures.

and again i dint get to head home straightaway as bestie just came back from japan. so it was karaoke session before heading home for bedtime.

hectic hectic yet i was enjoying every single bit of it. and the next day we had a loooong rehearsal day.

everyone gathered at dragon production for talent show practice. i was there but i didnt have my chance to practice. so all i did there was edit my song over and over again until i was please with it and then be the driver of the day fetching 7 other lives in a car heading towards sepang for rehearsal.

by the time rehearsal was over, it was about 1230am and i had to send each and everyone to their destination safely. dropping off one of our judges back to her hotel before going back to cheras to drop the rest off at viva home and park the car back.

then i got boyfie to pick me up to go home for my rest.

up next super gt finals part one.
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