Super GT Queen 2012 | Sabah Day One x Part Two

Sunday, June 17, 2012
and the we all went back to the hotel to take our shower before having dinner and a special introductory appearance at Bella Italia Restaurante at the Jesselton Hotel which we were staying at. we went up one by one to introduce ourselves to the sponsors and guest who attended the dinner.

and then our yummy dinner was served. felt pretty awkward to have everyone staring at u eating your dinner and u have to eat like a lady. :P but its a pretty good thing to do coz the winner would be watched by everyone at any point of time.

after dinner we all went up to our rooms, got changed and then prepare for our very last itinerary for the day. got up our cars and then headed to KK Times Square's Chocolate Factory. at first impression, i really thought that i was going to a chocolate factory to learn the process of chocolate making. *ok i was is one of KK's hottest and most popular clubs*

besides the usual introductory session, we sang "Baby" with the live band playing. after that it was some fun time with the girls and then back to hotel for our good night's sleep.

exhausting day one with such hectic schedule but it is pretty fun i would say.

day two coming up soon~

photo credits : TJ & Co.

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