Super GT Queen 2012 | Finale Show [Part One]

Friday, June 29, 2012

congrats to the winners - Julie // Cookies // Mico

as well as the subtitle winners - Cath // Erica // Pauline // Leely

the day has finally arrived. after all the activities. after all the efforts and hardwork. it is the day we showed our best to the crowd and the judges. call time was eleven am but i arrive an hour earlier with buddy sean as i needed to pass some tickets to derrick who came from singapore.

went to backstage but only our dancers were there so i decided to take a walk and say hi to my freelance friends who were working for the event.

had some expensive lok-lok for lunch and then i headed backstage to meet up with the rest for make up and hairdo.

after that we all chilled around while waiting for each other to be ready. and then went over to engine up's booth to say hi and hang around while having some crazy games and meet & greet session. and it was pretty fun to hang out at their booth with their 6 beautiful and tall ambassadors *ok i am super short*

and then we went back to backstage to chill and prepare for our show which was starting in another hour or so. so we had our make up touched up and camho while waiting.

and then the show finally begin. we went up for an opening sing & dance performance. probably most of us were nervous that everyone forgot their steps but at least the show went on and we finished it.

then mico was up first and then followed by leely then me for self-intorduction. and just before i went up when mico came down..she was so kan-cheong that she stepped on my toe. ><" hurt max but i decided not to skip a number and went on with my self-introduction.

i wouldn't blame her for that as she was really nervous. but my toe hurt so bad i was tearing while talking on stage. probably none of u noticed. i wanted to say more but as i was talking my tears were flowing and i decided not to go on. :(( guess i probably just wasted my chance but oh well..guess it was all meant to be that way. 

no one to be blamed and nothing to complain. it is all part of life so just go on.

but i guess i recovered pretty fast after that and got changed into my talent performance outfit.

i did something that was almost the same as Sabah as i ran out of time to figure something new. another fusion japanese-chinese traditional umbrella fan dance and then it was a really cute remix into doraemon's opening to Rainie Yang's Ren Yi Men.

pretty much the same but this time most of the steps were choreographed and i'eve put 200% effort into my costume and performance.

and finally i got to take a break and we were all camwhoring backstage.

before the results were announced, we sang to Avril's Girlfriend and then the announcement of results. mostly were pretty much expected but somehow i was pretty disappointed in myself for not doing better. perhaps it wasnt my fate but at least i tried my best to put up a good show for myself.

once again congrats to all the winners, also to my dear Charissa as we've won our Best Talent in Sabah.

you girls did a good job. and to my other girls who we dint get anything. we won our experience with the rest and we did our best. <3

coming up next. part two. catwalk show at leng yein's performance.
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