Super GT Queen 2012 | Activities [Super GT Roadshow, The Curve]

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
and on saturday, we all gathered at dragon production for dance practice. after practice we headed home to shower and got ready for dinner and a simple roadshow at the curve.

dinner was at de asian cafe again. the food there is really good and they have alot of choices. :P but it was only me, julie, charissa and leely at dinner with our organizer Tina, Darren & KC.

snapped a couple of pictures with Yin and then off to The Curve.

the roadshow was pretty simple, and the crowd could just come up to us and snap pictures and there were so many so cute lil kids!!~ *i sound so pedo.*

and our japanese queen was here too. she's really adorable and she can speak really fluent mandarin. so i better buck up in my languages tooooooo.

after the roadshow, we all left for home or our own activities. i went to velvet for justin's birthday before heading home for bedtime.

up next…a week later we went to ultra racing and tom stickers.
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