Super GT Queen 2012 | Sabah Day Two x Part One

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
and then on day two we had to wake up pretty early at 7.30am to get ready with full make up and then downstairs for a simple nasi lemak breakfast. *ooooh fattening fooooooooooood*

and the first thing i saw was us on the papers!!!~ it's like "WOW!!! DINT WE JUST TOOK THIS PICTURE YESTERDAY AFTERNOON??!!!" why Sabah so nice one? make us feel like superstar//celebrity there. KL news also dont have us at all. :(

after breakfast we all went to Suria Sabah mall in our Volkswagen tee for our Talent Show rehearsal and then it was a photography competition featuring us as models for the Volkswagen cars for the next two hours~~~

there were so many great photographers who came and took pretty pictures and i experimented alot of different pose besides the usual sexy which most would do with cars. since the theme was "Commercial" i decided to climb up high or hide myself in the boot. :P

lunch and then take a break, touch up and prepare for talent show. i figured out that if everyone is gonna sing and dance it's gonna be pretty boring if i were to just dance something normal. so i decided to do a fusion dance.

and before i flew to sabah, i went on a hunt for chinese traditional cloth fans and a yukata cover specially for this. i did a "chinese-japanese-sexy fusion dance" with a mini paper umbrella, 2 cloth fans and a sexy tube dress inside my yukata cover.

of course the winner of Best Talent was Erica who did a belly dancing performance, as expected as she was trained in different performing arts since her younger days. and darling Charissa who is always not confident in herself won herself 2nd Runner Up (Darling, u have the talent. Don't look down on yourself!)

i guess this time hard work payed off coz i was announced as the FIRST runner up for BEST TALENT in the East Meets West journey. pretty unexpected but i really thank the judges for awarding me. pretty much the happiest moment through-out this competition tho…^^ it's really nothing big i guess but at least it meant alot to me.

Picture Credits : Calista Liew // TJ&Co
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