[update fifteen] Super GT Queen 2012 - Super GT last day

Saturday, June 30, 2012

and on the final day of Super GT, only 4/5 of us out of the twelve made the booth appearance. guess most of them were worn out from the whole schedule.

so i arrived at about 1pm and went for a walk while waiting for the rest to come. and then we gathered at about 1.30 at tom stickers booth for an appearance.

then we moved on to engine up booth and i finally got to lay my butt in the yellow ferrari and took some pichasss! :P

and then there were some really cute games with getting the crowd to come up and dance with us and the Engine Up Shark mascot.

i left pretty early at about 3.30/4pm coz boyfie wanted to go for field football. and met a few more old photographer friends on the way out. said hi and bye. had a lil chit chat.

it was a crazy few weeks for me. there were misunderstandings among us. there were great memories in the end. yet i was pretty disappointed in myself for not doing good enough.

i thank the judges for advising me after the competition. i take it as a new challenge. and thank the organizers and sponsors for bringing us here to this competition.

it was a beautiful experience. Super GT Queen has finally come to an end but our activities are not over yet.

next update. Leng Yein's facebook party at Mist Club.
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