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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

and then we had an extra activity the next thursday. going over to the other two big sponsors' office to learn some stuff about car safety and a couple of photo sessions.

but before heading to sponsors' office, we had a kickboxing class for self defence. being petite, i'm pretty weak at it eventho i'm currently building my stamina and losing weight.

i guess i have to buck up a lil more in my training. lose more fats and make them into muscles.

then we tapau-ed kfc for lunch and headed towards cheras. first stop was ultra racing's office. a place where i have friends working in there and have worked for them during Sepang 1000km race previously.

upon arrival, we had our pictures taken with ultra racing's product and then our group shot before a short class by Leona Chin *Malaysia's only chinese female racer so far. pretty cool huh.*

and then it was to tom stickers for a group shoot and then going back to miharja for our uniform fitting session. the cool thing about our uniform is that all are customized to our height and size so it fits nicely.

time really flies throughout the whole super gt process. it is about to come to an end in just a few more days.

up next is Honda Show at Neverland. just a few more postings before i end my Super GT stories.
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