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Thursday, April 19, 2012

and so much thanks to don, i was one of the invited blogger who attended a short workshop and understanding of kiss me products and got a free make over. it was a pretty fun experience i would say. getting to meet new bloggers and old friends.

kiss me has been going around in the pretty pink mobile truck to meet every girl who loves looking pretty or kawaii~ its not hard to spot them at all looking really pretty in hot pink.

not to forget that they have so many pretty items in their mobile truck to make you prettier. and u may purchase the items whenever u catch them~ oh and dont forget to join their makeover competition to stand a chance to win loads of beautiful prices!!!

just go up to their mobile truck, fill in a simple form. let them make u pretty with their magical items and then get people to like you picture on kiss me facebook page. easy as that!~ u wont wanna miss the opportunity dont u? ♥

dont forget to drop by on their next stop this 21st April 2012 (Sunday) at Pavilion!

11.00am - 7.00 Pavilion KL 

dont miss your chance to win prizes and understand more about being pretty with kiss me ♥

find out more at Kiss Me Facebook

Fashion of the day:
Sheer Pink Tube Top - Topshop
White Jeans - Zara
Pink & Gold Gilter Pumps - Vincci
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