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Friday, February 10, 2012
i wouldn't say that i have good fashion sense nor i'm a fashion blogger. i dont blog fashion. i blog my style. i would say that i have my own style and sense. we all have. it's all individual. :)

i dont go after crazy brands. but i still love gucci and chanel for their designs. these days, i prefer online boutiques and simple clothing. mainly plain, casual and vintage. even my accessories are much less these days. i dont spend on things like before anymore.

mayb it's just me growing up. or mayb i just dont earn that money like before anymore. like when i freelanced and had all the income coming in as long as i work enough and not being so picky at times.

i enjoy casual shoots. i enjoy fashion shoot. i still love going through my stacks of fashion magazines. stacks and stacks of them. and i dont stop buying them. sigh. money spent the wrong place probably. but hey, it's life. enjoy it.

One piece white dress : Topshop
Lace Thin Trenchcoat & Boots : Lis Liza inspired (Minimaos)

Photo Credits : William Kuniandi (Merchandraies Photography)
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