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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

growing up is a process. so is growing out of old styles and going into something new. probably not new to most people but to me i'm currently into casual vintage. at work or at home. during paktor-logy times or even at photoshoots.

yes i'm still taking pictures even tho i'm working full time. it's still my hobby and as long as i have free time.

i'm currently on my strict diet program. which is working slowly coz i've not had time for gym yet. so food diet is working with home exercise. yay!~ finally shed 0.5kgs. not much but at least it's working. :))

hope that i've not lost my touch in photo shooting. it's been some time.

on another note. things are going really well with me and baby love. i'm glad that our love is growing fonder by the day and i'm glad to have him be part of me. ♥
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