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Friday, January 20, 2012
every morning with no vain when i get up from bed, go to the bathroom, bath, makeup, style my hair, breakfast and head to work. from the moment i get up from bed till breakfast, it usually takes me 45 mins till 1 hour. longest part? my hair!

my hair has been frizzy and natural curly since birth and the curls are horrible and could turn out to be a mess. plus the baby hair and frizziness.. it usually takes 20 mins to half an hour to get it nicely done.

plus, using the straightening iron everyday kills my hair ><" by the time i'm done with my hair i see so many dead fallen hair on the floor. and i'll probably be bald by 30 years old if i continue doing this.

first pic is how my hair looks after washing. second pic after i've blown dry with a hair dryer and finally after straightening it and styling. ><" 

these are what i use to style my hair every morning.

so i took cheesie's advice to go and do japanese straightening at number76. i've actually asked her about the straightening that she did few months ago and decided to go for it too. but i've chosen to do the natural straight. which means my hair will still curl a lil so that it's not super flat that my face will look super fat!!!

so i took half day off from work yesterday to go and do my hair as the saloon closes at 7.00pm and by the time i got there after work it would probably be 9.00pm or so..

fortunately i bumped into cheesie when i arrived. and got a special discount. :) thanks!~

dejima san did my hair. and he's really nice and friendly. plus he speaks quite good english! and he put so much effort in telling me how i should style and taught me how to blow dry my hair so it will look good and wont harm my roots.

i am super satisfied with the end result!!! its love~~ thank you dejima san! arigato gosaimasu~ ♥ 

plus i've received my parcel from cheesie before heading to the saloon. which gave me the opportunity to say hi to her and let her know that i've gotten it. she's pretty nice to wave goodbye before she left. :)

MURUA triple wave curler is love~ nao i can has mermaid hair too!!~ worth the price 
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