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Friday, January 20, 2012
every morning with no vain when i get up from bed, go to the bathroom, bath, makeup, style my hair, breakfast and head to work. from the moment i get up from bed till breakfast, it usually takes me 45 mins till 1 hour. longest part? my hair!

down with throat infection.

Thursday, January 12, 2012
the horrible feeling right before chinese new years. thank god i dont have too much at work at the moment. i'm so sick i cant even concentrate when i'm walking or talking. so i'm pretty much driving much slower on the road.

been diagnosed with throat infection. not that i've been drinking alot or screaming or eating oily food. in fact i've been taking good care of my health actually. being very health conscious and going partial vegetarian. coz i'm on a diet.

><" feel like puking but it wont come out. i rather have super high fever now at least i can sweat all the heat out or at least puke whatever i need to puke. sighhhh… medication is horrible!

thank god i still have mummy dearest to make me nice tasting porridge to bring to work!~


Wednesday, January 4, 2012
i actually have no idea what to write for my title. kinda confused. kinda emotional. probably its almost the time of the month. its a brand new year. i should have a better year. but yet it seems so far away..

i kept telling myself i have to work harder. i kept telling myself to wake up early to go for jogging. but sadly i failed in the first four days of the year. oh well. :( lousy i'd say. or mayb i just seem to lost track of myself. probably just lost motivation.

but what ever i've been doing, i'm really glad i have him in my life. for being there with me, for me. for being supportive over most of the things. for understanding my emotions and uptight. :)

sigh..i need motivation!!~ still need to try so hard. so hard...

ending 2011. coming 2012.

Monday, January 2, 2012
here comes the end of the year once again. time flies. this year, really fast. guess its time to compile my 2011 special and memorable events. and 2012 resolution for the new years. looking back all the way..i dont think i quite remember what really happened tho… but i guess its a good memory test for me or lets say i go back to facebook and take a look at my timeline. xD

1. Passed all my papers in my final year and i'm finally done with uni.
2. Got an email from Cathay Pacific for an appointed interview to be air stewardess but failed coz i too short.
3. My bro got married. On the same days as my interview with Cathay Pacific but i still made it to serve tea. :P
4. Chinese New Years was awesome meeting back old friends.
5. I got single before V Day which was actually a super good thing.
6. Caught up with a number of high schoolmates!~
7. Graduation!!!~ like finally
8. Made someone pay u[ money that he owed. :)
9. Got my first and only pair of Beats by Dr Dre.
10. Met someone really great and got together. SO i'm no longer single. pretty fast huh?
11. Worked at KLIA for a month loooong but it ended but being kinda fun.
12. Got my iPad 2~
13. Party like the world is coming to the end.
14. Got my first full time job but i ended up quitting in 3 weeks.
15. Back to freelance until i got my dream job.
16. Played paintball for the first time!~
17. Met Stanly again after a year plus. :))
18. Did my very first sexy shoot just before my 23rd birthday.
19. Celebrated my 23rd birthday with a blast having him around with me.
20. Managed to join Zouk Club KL as my official full time job.
21. Signed my first deal and run my first event at work.
22. Did many many great events in the pass 4 months at Zouk.
23. Attended a couple of great events.
24. Crashed my car horribly which i thought i was about to die but ended up repairing the car for RM6770!
25. Halloween at Zouk and i was Tinkerbell~
26. I came back to freelance!~ Sepang 1000km with my bestie.
27. Changed my iPhone 4s and gave daddy my 3gs.
28. Planned a surprise birthday for baby love and celebrated christmas with him and friends.
29. Counted down till 2012 with him. :) and the other lovely couples.

2011 was a horrible year when it started but ended up beautifully. looking forward to what 2012 have for me.

as for my new years resolutions?

• stop being cute n start looking matured.
• lose weight on belly and tights!!!!!!! - going to gym.
• be nice to daddy n mummy n love them more!!!
• make sure baby love continue loving me. ♥
• maintain the tidiness and neatness of my room!!!

tee hee~~~ ♥

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