Tuesday, November 1, 2011
its coming to the end of the year. october ended yesterday and lets welcome november today. :) 1.11.11 the day my baby car is supposed to come back, else it will come back tomorrow, hopefully. seriously feels different not driving to work.

i've been busy. with friends and in the office. and not having the car makes it pretty hard for me to do my own personal things sometimes. i used to depend much on daddy bringing me around and now sometimes my baby love, but after driving, i could go most places at any time i needed. so its pretty much harder without the car.

attended lizzie's bday n baby shower celebration with baby love and the rest. it was a warm gathering but felt kinda odd coz we dint know the rest and the rest dint know us. so we were all at our own table. took pictures, played on the ipad and catch up.

then its halloween at zouk. i dressed up as tinkerbell with my very last minute sewed skirt. :) was thinking that not many people wouls think of dressing up as tinkerbell but at the end i saw another 2 other girls in tinkerbell costumes. pretty upset coz i'm not special anymore. :(( lol. but i guess unless i come up with some weird costume, else usually people will think of the usual characters. so its pretty normal to have the same costumes just a different touch of it.

nothing much to elaborate on my weekends coz its always with him. :) guess thats all for now. cant wait till dec. tee hee~~~
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