a busy november.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
its coming towards the end of the year. time really flies having someone special in my life.

its the last day of november and i've been caught up with so much work i've been staying back in the office till wee hours..practically at least once a week i'd had to be in the office for at least 10-12 hours. pretty fun to stay back sometimes but heck it's tiring the next day. and my pimples are saying hi to me again. :((

being in the company for 3 months and a week to be exact, and looking back and my schedule makes me surprised how many events i've run here. nothing big to brag about but i'm just happy when i'm doing it and each time i learn something new from the team. and i'm really glad that i have a super good manager. :)

also met up with a couple of photog and event friends which makes me miss my freelance days even more. i miss the days when i can be pretty and just stand there taking pictures but then again lifestyle changes. i guess my job now is more of running the event and attending more than being there to pose.
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