what's a relationship.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
today a long time no contact friend dm me on facebook. we chatted. until it came the the topics on relationships. he said it was hard for him to find miss right. and we started quite a long chat on it. i told him its not easy to find that person coz it all depends on fate.

he then asked "fate?" and said that he hated this fate shit. but fate comes naturally. we cant just force ourselves to find that person coz he/she will just appear when its time to appear. u dont have to find but not just stay home and wait. its the people around you that really matters. he/she may just be ur mr/ms right. give everyone around u a chance.

no one is perfect in a relationship. or more of no one is perfect in anything. and everyone has got a chance to find their love. :)

in my relationship, i gave him a chance to take care of me. we only knew each other for a month n now we're together for 5 months. slowly we understood each other. day by day. we get pissed at each other's stupid temper sometimes but we give in. apologize even if we're not wrong. its putting down the ego bcoz slowly u love the person more each day.

to me this is love.
love is not about the romance, its not about the money or pretty people or perfection.
its about how u learn to feel and put down ur ego for that person.

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