that moment of life.

Monday, October 24, 2011
have anyone here ever experienced that second of life where you thought that you were gonna leave this world all of a sudden? i have, twice that i could remember of.

the first was when i was seven at sunway lagoon. the second, just happened to me a few days back. my first and most fatal car crash.

it was a really sunny saturday afternoon, when i was on my way home from collecting some stuffs from pavilion while taking the corner at jalan semantan at about 60km/ph and all i could recall was that i heard this really loud speeding sound next to me, i saw a motorcyclist speeding next to me sweeping me on the left and then trying to avoid the bike, i went into the red slippery zone then lost control of my car and crashed up the curb.

seriously, at that point of time it was like in the movies where all that in my mind was him and that i dint wanna die so early. thankfully, i did not hurt/kill anyone or myself in the crash. its just that i have phobia in driving especially at the red zone areas and motorcyclist and mental injuries.

but then again, it seemed to have all been fated. if only the girl's flight did not delay the week before and i collected the things earlier, if only mummy had followed me down to kl, if only….but it happened. it was meant to happen. and all i can say now is thank god i'm fine with no injuries at all.

worse part was that daddy wasn't in town and i was traumatized not knowing what to do coz i can't turn my steering wheel nor move my car at all. ><" heck it was the most horrible feeling ever!

and oh the result of it? brake disc broke into half, broken drive shaft and urm horribly scratched car. which costed me a bomb. urgh at least not my life!
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