Thursday, October 6, 2011
life been very tiring. can i complain? not really. it was my choice and its still my choice. i guess i'm just getting old. used to be able to work everyday and night nonstop and not complain tired but now i do. mayb coz i have to drive too. hahahahaha…

there's this thing about life and people. humans just tend to stereotype no matter what. i guess its human's nature. but i'd like to say, dont stereotype girls who dress up and run in heels. coz i can dress up in a pretty dress, put make up on, wear my four inches high heels and be on the walkie talkie, run about and run the event still. pretty much extremely tiring after that but somehow it still gives me a satisfaction.

weekend is always with the special him, monopoly games, steamboat and cuddling. :)

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