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Monday, October 10, 2011
it has been a month and a half since i joined zouk as business development exec. it may seem and sound glamorous working at kl's hottest night spot. but then again it's not what u think. i may sound like i'm whining but i'm not.

going into full-time is way different if compared to my freelance years when i was still a student back then and 6 months after graduation. i had very flexible time, i earn way much more and i could eat spend and do anything i want at any time of the day like no one's business.

freelance was really fun. i'd miss those days when i had different pretty uniforms to wear and i had OT pay if i had to work extra hours or even extra half an hour.

but full-time i have to work for long hours and not get paid extra, yet i cant complain coz i enjoy the work tho i may b really really tired at the end of the night. but it does give me a satisfaction when the event is over. but this is a stepping stone. its a new level of life. its like building my future career.

some of u guys may not understand what i'm going through coz u're not doing it. but freelance isn't for a lifetime. think again, how long more can you be in those pretty uniforms standing there and posing if u're not a caucasian model on the stage.

i've left the industry tho i may still be there to be in photo shoots as how i still enjoy doing it. but i will no longer stand in events as a showgirl anymore.

time moves forward, life continues going on. think about future.  ♥
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