a quiet day.

Friday, September 2, 2011
its a very very quiet day in the office. having not much to do still due to the holidays and i'm still new in the company. lets treat it as honeymoon first before i start getting busy. :) so meanwhile i camho every morning. lol. and camwho when i'm bored then write some stuff and find something useful to do.

did a new ear piercing over the holidays. it dint hurt when piercing but starts to hurt a lil now tho. yikes. i cant sleep on my right ear for at least another week. :( but its worth it. coz i love it much.

been spamming instagram the whole morning with my face and ear piercing. lol. i know its time to stop so nao i spam my blog. lol. and doing a lil paperwork here and there while minding my lil plan for someone :)) tee hee~~~

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