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Saturday, September 24, 2011
i'm like turning into a kinda dull person nowadays. lol. besides going to work every monday to fridays and sometimes on a saturday evening, i'd practically hide at home at night or hang out with my babes on saturdays and sundays are always boyfie days.

lost the partying touch a lil bit still do it once in awhile. and now officially one month with zouk club kay elle. pretty much enjoying life there.

weekends are alot about food food and more food. which tells u why i'm gaining so much weight lately. its time ti slim down a lil back. i need to go back to swimming!!! gahhh~~

but the rest, i guess its pretty much fine. having everything i really want and need in the world now. great family. great boyfie. great friends and a great job. :)) tee hee
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