turning twenty three. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011
for the first time in my entire twenty three years, he made me feel real special. the cheeky little face that he shown me while standing smartly in his coat leaning on the car door while waiting for me outside my house gate. i got up the car not knowing where i was heading towards but i was really excited.

he brought me to a place i've not been to before. a very nice environment with beautiful view and good food. then again it was the company that matters. it was him that matters most to me.

two hours and the restaurant. spending time camwhoring *he had to coz i was queen* talking and cuddling. i really had a great night.

this year i dint make any birthday wishes coz all my wishes came true. i've gotten my dream job. i've got a great love. and i've my family with me. and great friends of course.

turning twenty three with so many wishes made me felt warmed and loved. thanks for all the wishes. u guys are really great!
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