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Friday, August 26, 2011
life in the office for office hours. i'm still yet to get used to it but still trying. but then again my office hours is a lil bit different compared to others so yea..i get to wake up a lil later than other people but i still have to leave home early coz i have to go to kl to work now.

my table and all is still pretty empty coz its only four days since i started working. needs a lil cleaning and wiping before i really start with my deco and rubbish. tee hee!~ but the best part i to have a pillow to hug. now i need to add one more for me to place on my chair to lean on for more comfy. sounds like its gonna be my room. hahahahaha…. but hey its better too work when u're comfy right? just not too. hahaha….

its ramadan week so not much jam to and fro from work so far. i hope its still good after the raya. :))

but the horrible part so far is that i've not been feeling too well. down with the flu. a lil sore throat. cough and heavy head. worse i bang my car right outside my house on to the cement corner of my neighbour's house which caused a "v" shaped smily face at my bumper when i got back from work two days back. sigh. clumsy me. prolly lack of rest and not feeling well. weekends to recover and start swimming.

and now back to work. :))

ps : changed my blog design a lil again. i think simple is nicer. :) what do u think?
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