and so the party havent end.

Saturday, August 27, 2011
working at a club. well literally working at a club coz i work during office hours. my boss told me that soon i will not look at partying as fun as i used to. so i tot of before i really got sick of partying and clubbing why not enjoy the part of it first.

got a last minute call to go back to the place that i was working at, i sped home and got ready then waited for a friend to pick me up. it was nice meeting a couple of old friends that i've lost contact with and also catching up with a couple of freelance babes.

was a pretty fun night tho i left around 2.30 when zouk now closes at 4-5am as compared to 3am last time. but then again if i were to stay back i will have no idea what might happen to me which i do not want it to happen to me either. lol. not good……

weekends are here. time to go swimming later in the evening to maintain my figure. lol.

next week is raya week so working only two days. happy raya. :))

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