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Saturday, July 30, 2011
sitting in from of baby mac while enjoying my weekly mask session and writing my blog. besides my forth nightly sleeping mask, weekly mask sessions are really important for my skin that has makeup on almost everyday due to working needs. :)) skin is improving pretty much compared to last time.

baby ipad is finally jalibreaked. but i'm still addicted to veggie samurai no matter what. latest high score on hand would be 105126 with 221 longest dice chain. which scores me 10k++ everytime i hit the dice chain from 150 dice chain onwards. tee hee~~~ xD

worked for an event last night as an usherette but somehow i find the event company in a mess and unsystematic. being quite unreasonable and needed us to teach them back how to do things. sigh.

weekends pretty much boring actually. sleeping from 6am till 6pm. and being awake at night. except for the fact that i'll have to wake up 6am tomorrow for paint ball session! *excited* and mostly cuddling with baby. *mummy said its the first time she see me really happy in a relationship and my temper gone down. good thing i guess.*

guess thats all till tomorrow. :)) nights all.
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