Sunday, July 24, 2011
i guess i've been really too busy with work that i've kind of put a pause in blogging. probably i'm too tired after a whole day of work or long continuous workings hours. or maybe i'm just pure lazy. ==

i'm back on freelance since early june till now after resigning from the previous job. worked at klia duty free shop for a month and i'm based back in kay elle.

i guess i enjoy being free and running all around compared to long hours in the office where i'm lack of oxygen. hahahaha. not mentioning the salary difference.

but then again i've been interviewing numerous fulltime jobs but yet again nothing really interest me yet. i think i'm just too choosy. ><"

but then again..sigh. i think i really need to settle down real soon. and its bed time. got to get up early tomorrow.

good nite.

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