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Wednesday, July 27, 2011
and yet another hectic day coming up. woke up at 8am this morning to get ready for 10am interview. just finished with it. and i'm supposed to have a fitting session at 12pm at puchong but the person in charge is not answering my calls yet. so lets see how things go. working at 711 again later at 4pm till 8pm tonight. and night time is rest for me.

boyfriend's bro came back from taiwan and helped me get my polaroid films! tee hee!~~ way cheaper to get it there. and i've got 10 boxes to last me for about a year i hope. coz they ran out of stock. he bought thats left there back for me. thankiew!!!~

spent the weekend accompanying boyfriend to futsal competition and doing my own nails. then cuddling at his place before we headed for karaoke session at night. and yesterday after work dinner and watching the guys pool session while i'm on my ipad. tee hee~

guess life is pretty simple having him around. and having life around him. something that i like. and i'm looking forward to this coming sunday for paintball session!!! hehehehe~

and i'm off for lunch first. hungrrrryyyy!!~~~~
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