off day.

Monday, May 9, 2011
finally two days of rest after three consecutive days of working for different events and talking to consumers.

i practically lost half of my voice but i can still talk. my legs are killing me with 2 blue-blacks on my upper tights and lower tights hurts like mad. my back bone tells me i need to lay on my bed and not move.

only went to bed at 5 this morning and was disturbed by annoying idiots who miss calls me since 7.53am. the number is 0149241008 and this number had started miss calling my phone since apr 30. every 3-4 mins once on the first day until 1130pm. the next day started at 630am until evening. and is back again this morning at 753am. please help me do something. its annoying. coz i really need rest at a point like this.

and the phone just rang again 2 seconds ago as i'm typing this with the same number appearing on my screen but on silent mode now.

weather out there is really hot so please drink more water my dear readers. and its off to nap time for me. :)

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  1. Apparently it happened the same to my friend as well. Try sending a threatening message like, "If you call again, I will report to the police, track your number down, and you can rot in jail as long as it takes.". If he still doing it, then report it to the police.


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