scandalous. xD

Monday, April 4, 2011
life been busy with work work work and work. not only that. i'm going through alot of procedures and meetings with a lawyer friend of mine to settle two different cases…one of behalf of my bestie and another is my own.

i know its karma to screw someone's life upside down but i guess the person deserves it after being too nice and taken granted for. so yea..tomorrow is day one when i officially start my war. xD

but then again while being stressed up, i'm still busy earning little income to sustain my daily expenses and partying with my scandalous life with the babes.

thanks to the team at define on saturday especially anna, alvin and hock shun. u guys are the best. plus the others who were stationed at sunway giza. movida was fun. xD and i'm excited for the next!!~ i love my current scandal with u guys!~ 

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