never say never.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

before i decide to watch this movie by justin bieber on his road to the musical scene, i googled online and read a couple of reviews. there good ones and bad ones. one that caught my eye was a review written by a father who brought his son to watch the movie.

truthfully, i'm not a bieber fan and sometimes i find him over-ratted. but not after i watched the movie. his songs are pretty nice except for that baby voice of his. but yet again he's musically talented since young. and when everyone in the world told him that he can never make it there, and he is just a temporary pop-sensation, he tells u his story on how much he needed to go through before his success. the pain, the sufferings, the lifestyle he had to give up.

he wasnt interviewed in the movie, but people around him tells his story for him. the other side of him, the 16 year old kid who just wants to relieve his dreams… the road wasnt easy for him, in fact he gained alot of haters throughout his journey.

this movie somehow inspired me. it touched me deep down. and never say never to yourself even if the whole world tells u that.

now i'm excited to watch his concert live tonight. :)
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