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Monday, April 18, 2011
i've been pretty much busy working like mad. its all about hardcore working. hardcore partying and hardcore having fun.

while sending in resumes for my full time job i've been still freelancing. working on almost a daily basis morning and night with two different jobs. just to keep myself companied so that i dont go crazy thinking too much or worrying too much about stupid stuffs.

practically working for cigg jobs at night mostly. had a last min pc fair job on saturday. but i looked so tired in most of the pictures. sigh. plus i was so tired i wasnt even in the mood to camho. only had a couple of pics with some other babes around.

off day today. take a break. rest at home and tomorrow i'll have fitting in the morning for this coming weekend's job. catch me at MAPO fair on 23rd and 24th at KL Convention Centre. :)

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